More Meat for meAccording to a very irrelevant (and insignificant) but eye-catching “research“, the level of testosterone has a relationship with the trader’s performance. This outstanding academic study even involved the length of the fingers and the trader’s mother.

Nobody needs university research to prove trading desks consisting of all-male traders in their twenties develop some kind of machismo culture. Again slightly comparable with soccer teams. No vegetarians, gays or non-drinkers around.

Vegetarian sued Calyon

They do exist, though. Mister Serpico Pacifico was a trader at the forex desk of Calyon in New York. Apparently not very successful, as he was fired early 2008 – a couple of months ahead of the outbreak of the current crisis. Pacifico didn’t really fit in the trading environment. The concept of eating animals wasn’t his thing.

“You don’t even eat steak, dude,” Catalanello is accused of saying. “At what point in time did you realize you were gay?”

To cut a long story short ; the vegetarian trader Pacifico sues Calyon. He claims to be fired because he was a vegetarian. Furthermore his lawyer states Pacifico isn’t gay at all. He even married a woman last august. Right. Filing a lawsuit for such silly things makes him definitely a hero.