Susquehanna International Group has successfully taken over some of the primary market maker spots which came available after VDM went out of business. However, they haven’t exactly conquered the crown jewels.

As a primary market maker (pmm) one has the obligation to send quotes in all series in an option class. Short term, long term and even deep in-the-money options will have to be quoted. In return for this obligation the market maker doesn’t get paid, but its full presence in the market could generate a profit. Euronext supplies extra bandwidth to the the primary market makers.
The competitive market maker (cmm) receive less bandwidth, and are obligated to quote a minimum amount of at-the-money options. Twice a year the pmm and cmm licenses are auctioned by Euronext, based on subscribing to tight spreads and a large quote size.

Susquehanna (wiki) will start as primary market maker in the following eight option classes : Air France, Crucell, ASMI, Nutreco, Vopak, Draka, Fugro and Wolters Kluwer. Must admit they have a strong appetite for the illiquid problem children of Euronext. Nobody wants to gurantee liquidity in these stocks, but Susquehanna is willing to give it a try. In addition, they signed for all competitive market maker licenses available. It’s the very first foreign market maker becoming primary market maker on the Amsterdam derivatives market.

Other VDM leftovers are taken by Leopark.