22 May

Win/Win beats Gordon Gekko

Gordon Gekko is one of the few fictional characters who made it into the serious finance textbooks. His speech for the Teldar Paper stockholders is epic. After two decades, Oliver Stone made his disappointing sequel. Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps. Something with green energy.

Movies about trading are scarce, and in general have not connection with any real finance. Anyway, there’s finally some real good news. The Dutch director Jaap van Heusden has put a lot of effort in making a credible movie about trading in a dealing room. Win/Win has been introduced in the International Film Festival Rotterdam this year. Van Heusden spend a lot time in research, had a lot of conversations with traders and as a result all details are truly authentic.

Well, according to a journalist that is (and what does he know about it?). Let’s just assume it’s true. The story is about a young option trader in the Amsterdam branch of a fictional American bank. Although the setting is a modern office in Amsterdam’s business district, the actors were given a short training at All Options in the exchange building. Besides, the cast has probably been studying this website (and all the comments) for a year. That’s pretty hard work, respect.

More important, the film had very enthusiast reviews (here, in Dutch). All draw the same conclusion ; go see this movie. You’ll have to put some efforts yourself in finding a cinema showing it (check here). Well known actors in Win/Win, but as a small release it probably won’t last long in cinemas so let’s have a look this week. Otherwise you’ll have to hurry to the USA, where it will be showing next week (with subtitles) in New York at the Brooklyn Internation Film Festival.

Anyway, grab this opportunity to show your friends and family what you’re actually doing at your job. Can’t get any easier than this.

25 thoughts on “Win/Win beats Gordon Gekko

  1. How lucky I am to be first ever 'like' on Amsterdamtrader.
    And to be in Holland in a weeks time. Sounds like a Win/Win!

  2. Anyway, grab this opportunity to show your friends and family what you're actually doing at your job.

    En hoe je thuis aan het stofzuigen bent

  3. @maca: welkom bij vierletternaamafkortingen-anonymous! Binnenkort keertje koffie doen, je zit niet heel ver weg zo te zien :)

  4. @Anonymous May 25, 2010 5:58 PM

    My friends and family already know I watch porn all day! :)

  5. This is the first movie which take position from the trader's view, and sympathizes with them.

    First movie where I would like to see the deleted scenes..

  6. ik heb hem woensdag gezien. dit was mijn recensie naar een vriend:
    "win/win was een artistieke film met veel mooie beurstaal. een beetje vaag maar zeker de moeite waard"
    en… 4 sterren van parool!

  7. film is erg herkenbaar. Enige kans om je vriendin ooit nog eens te betrekken in wat je nou helemaal doet achter die schermen.

    De film "klopt" beter dan alle andere beursfilms bij elkaar in ieder geval (als je zijn resultaat deelt door 200 ofzo), en is daarom voor alle schermhandelaren en schermambierende toch wel een film die je moet hebben gezien.

    Wat het verhaal betreft: ach…

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