WowThe good old days from the open outcry trading in the pit are gone. But it remains a source of good stories. Last Friday was a good place to share them, with the annual reunion of the former traders, brokers and order book officials.

FOW Event

Coming up next is another networking event, but this time aimed at the present and the future. FOW Events will host the European Equity Options Trading Conference. It will be held this Friday the 20th of April in the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. See here for the list of speakers.

With all regulatory impact, the danger of financial transaction tax, exchanges trying to join forces and MTF’s like TOM seriously to take off this year – there is enough to talk about. A lot more than the official name (“equity options”) suggests. Interesting speakers such as Mark Spanbroek, Willem Meijer and Harold Duineveld.

AMX options failed

It’s still early to call, but it certainly looks like the AMX options have failed. Markets are wide and trading is completely absent. To ignite trading a different incentive for liquidity providers should be in place. Providing a tight and liquid market should be rewarded with some cash. All Options is working and taking a risk for nothing.

Flow Traders had a good year

The leading ETF trader had a good year. The Dutch office earned € 30,5 million. Results of their offices in the US and Asia are unknown – for the company as a whole not much can be said with certainty. But looks good. Also for other firms, it was a volatile trading year with the European crisis and Fukushima.