Threw my orange jersey in the garbage can. After the painful defeat against the Germans, there’s more important football on our schedule. Not in a distant Soviet state, but in the cozy village of Abcoude the ninth edition of the Financial Football Tournament will be held.

The well known trading software provider ORC has stepped in as a sponsor for the tournament, along with long term sponsor Eurex. Here’s the matrix with participating teams. Optiver decided to pull back one of their teams last minute. The cricket enthusiasts apparently are going for the title. Most of the fourteen teams  consist of the usual suspects, but new teams this year are Euroclear and EEX.

All Options hiring again

For another year we have to do without All Options. However, this may change next season as Allard has fixed his boat and is hiring again. Switching their core business from stock options to algo arbitrage, they are looking for a new managing director. However, I still count on All Options to quote the new options on Douwe Egberts.

Flow for sale

Another household name unable to assemble a soccer team, Flow Trading. Slightly in a different situation than All Options – the directors and investor Summit have hired Lazard to find a buyer.

Other HFT news

The Chicago based Getco has been cutting staff. Around 40 people have been shown the door, as thin trading volumes are hurting them. That’s a whole new experience. When speed becomes a commodity other sharks want a piece of the cake.

Ronin Capital, relatively new and unknown, made very healthy profits in Europe. The trader which erroneously fired 31.000 mistrades to the market earlier this year is doing pretty well.

Last and least, more depth and commentary on shutting down IMC’s Hong Kong office.