Gratis geldSmall news on a fresh internet startup in the financial markets in Amsterdam. New startups are being launched every other day in attics everywhere, but this one may be just a little different. BUX is not only a Hungarian blue chip index but also a new firm. Website is – a domain name from the Indian Ocean.

The men behind Bux are veterans in the industry. Nick Bortot earned his stripes at Binck, where he left as board member last year. Egbert Pronk was trading manager at Curvalue and Van der Moolen. Another co founder, Robbert Bos, has been working in the games industry and there’s Evert Littooy for the marketing. Still a job opening for a Technical Lead. Their LinkedIn profiles are fancy for sure.

Their plan seems to be to create games based on the real financial markets, with real money to be won or lost. Because, after all “life is a game“. Well, I don’t buy that philosophy – but there certainly is money to be made in gaming. Estimated Candy Crush revenue is a modest $633.000 per day, so why not some Candy Bux Saga.


However, without knowing any details, I remain sceptic. Trading the real markets with stocks, options or cfd‘s is exciting enough for most people – will take a lot of effort to make them switch to some sort of trading game.

Scam URL

Last and least, their domain address hasn’t been the smartest choice. While the .io extension may be perfectly cool when .com is sold out – no reason to buy a notorious scam address from a wealthy prince in Nigeria. A mistrade. A website isn’t an office, it’s a unique brand. Lots of explanation to do.