Leuk hoorThe folks at IMC Financial Markets created a brand new videos, demonstrating how exciting it is to work for them. It’s no secret my most loyal readers belong to the ranks of the IMC management – it usually take them only a few minutes to spot IMC related comments here. ZwarteKip and me made close friends last year with Bingham, Allen & Overy and DLA Piper.

But hey, let’s not spoil the party, the commercials are pretty professional. Including puzzles on a whiteboard. It’s also fresh : noticed I was the very first viewer for some of them.  They need a bigger audience, glad to help out.

Ah, not only impossible to react on Youtube but also not allowed to embed the videos here. Here’s the full list of new youtube gems. The owner of the channel is working for HR in IMC Chicago. More on IMC Chicago soon, as the developers bonus list has been leaked

  • You have to click here for the general video.
  • This one is about IMC Amsterdam
  • This one explains what market making actually is. I was the first viewer. Learned a lot.
  • Here’s one from Sydney.