IMC-LOGO-pngIn less volatile markets, IMC Financial Markets is still doing impressive with a profit of € 127 million over 2013. That’s 63% more than over 2012. The revenue was a nice € 403 million.

Average pay €285k

There has been some trouble in the past with the bonuses at IMC. Most of the variable cookie jar did end up with senior management – with disgruntled traders and especially developers as a result.

So far nothing to report of the sharing of the pie, but at least the average remuneration for the 619 folks at IMC was € 285.000.

Dividend of € 160 million

Other people pocketing a decent sum are the directors / owners Wiet Pot en Rob Defares. The company paid out € 160 million dividend. More than the yearly profit, but the firm’s balance sheet is strong enough for such a move. Still it puzzles me what kind of incentive is behind such a dividend.

Hat tip to quotenet (nl)