It’s a bull market, jobs all over the place. We’re in the happy days again! Sometimes job offerings tell more than official press releases.

All Options expanding again

From the big firms to the small boutique market maker firm All Options. Boutique is their own term. It’s been a while, but the firm once employed some 300 people after it earned a legendary profit in Altana. In a true Icarus style the firm lost it’s wings while getting loaded with overhead. And crashed. After firing hundreds of people, it’s now appearing to be hiring again. Check.

Market making is not dead after all. Allard has always been the come back kid.

DeGiro expanding in Hong Kong

More jobs for you. Apparently the broker DeGiro is planning expansion in Asia. They’re recruiting in Hong Kong. Check. It’s amazing how fast they want to roll out their business, given the regulatory burden in every single country. It’s more fascinating to conquer the world, than getting the details right. Still no such thing as option combinations at DeGiro. No order confirmations by mail.

ATG starts bodypump classes

You may call it a coincidence, but shortly after DeGiro opened shop in Hong Kong and started recruiting, this trading firm ATG (Algorithmic Trading Group) expanded operations from medium and high frequency trading to giving Private Bodypump Classes.

I’m old fashioned and don’t have a clue what it is, but everyone is invited today in Pure’s Red Bar. Defensive move. ATG is a firm founded in the same year as Virtu (2008) – but hasn’t got the ambition to go for an IPO. If these former IMC traders at ATG change their minds, you’ll read it here first.


Hong Kong based Amsterdam floor trader turn Financial Markets headhunter Matthew Hoyle tied the knot in a civil ceremony in England. The UK born Dutchman will marry this weekend in this castle hut in Ireland. More than 100 guests from all over the world are flying in starting today.

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Congrats to Mr and Mrs Hoyle!