Some people never grow up. This 46 year old Dutch ex-IMC trader had his own little blast. Somewhere in Western Australia (according to the picture) he bought a Lexus car and got himself a license plate describing the activity of, well, let’s say, the best five minutes of silence a married man can ask for – and an illegal act in Malaysia.

Ask a Dutch person to read it out loud for you. Just reading it may not immediately ring a bell. Perfectly undercover. Tibor is driving his car in Perth with this license plate every day. Tibor Bejczy sounds a little Hungarian, but the guy is Dutch and was one of the very first guys hired at IMC Financial Markets – started somewhere in the early 90s together with Adrie de Beste. He used to do very well, bringing home a fine bonus every year. Good pals with Rene Schelvis.

True Partner’S license plate

Ralph van PutSpeaking about license plates of Dutch traders. In Hong Kong, some Dutch trading guy drove around with a Bentley with his name on it. When he found out about being mentioned in this blog, he argued for removal stating that being seen in real life is different from being seen on the internet. Yup. Manual trading is also different from electronic trading. We got it.


Too big to fail

Rob KindlerVice chairman of Morgan Stanley, Rob Kindler, has a good sense of humor. In the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2009, he was driving his Porsche with 2BG2FAIL. His brother is a comedian, and it runs in the family. Not everybody appreciated the joke. The merger & acquisition banker changed his license plate to a decent “MNA GUY“.