weddingWeddings aren’t my favorite topic to write posts about – the usual little fights between Euronext, Binck and TOM are easier to cover.

But hey, it’s the summertime and I have an invitation I can’t refuse. We have a full IMC Financial Markets wedding this Saturday.

IMC Millionaire getting married

The groom is Ivo Geijsen. Yes, the one topping the IMC Chicago bonus list and one of the richest self made millionaires under 40 in The Netherlands.

The lucky bride is Queen Bridgetrix Bridget, from the HR department of the same IMC Chicago office. She made – financially speaking – an excellent catch.

civil servant is IMC millionaire

The funny thing is the special civil servant doing the wedding ceremony has been employed by IMC. The babs (“Buitengewoon Ambtenaar Burgerlijke Stand“) is Robin van Boxsel. A former IMC trader who made a small fortune while being employed at IMC. Also starring on the Quote junior list.

The Quote journalists will send their paparazzi. Such a great concentration of millionaires sell magazines. Here is the wedding couple in a less romantic neighborhood (Landsmeer).

AC/DC fan not invited

Not everyone is invited at the wedding. As you can guess, the image on top of this post is not a random cartoon found with google. Safe to say the AC/DC fan on the right has got something to do with it. I’ll leave the interpretation of the drawing for you.