Gefeliciteerd met jezelfTime flies when you’re having fun. Amsterdamtrader turns seven years old today! Not my habit to write about my website. Even skipped attention to the first six birthdays.

Anyway, the first post ever appeared on this website on January 6th, 2009. About the same time as sites such as Zerohedge and Josh Brown’s Reformedbroker. The first post was a true gem, with the title of “First post“. Short, to the point and a catchy title.

Some numbers

In the past seven years I wrote 377 posts. Surprised me too. That’s one post for every week. Over the same period there have been 3.2 million pageviews. To give a small idea of proportions, the Dutch website Geenstijl generated 300 million pageviews in the last year alone.

Comments and lay outs

There have been 18213 comments so far. A lot of the comments were placed in the early years. The layout was like one of those below. Some people may recognize (click for large).

Most visited posts

These ten posts have drawn most visitors. Most of the top ten posts are usual suspects. Except for the number #3, about a silly liquidity provider auction. There was nothing extraordinary to report in the post itself, but there were 782 comments. Just checked, and these comments were a surprising funny read. A bit of history.

  1. 9 things I hate about DeGiro (October 2014)
  2. Details. Bonus at IMC Chicago (March 2013)
  3. Liquidity provider auction and Win/Win (October 2010)
  4. IMC shuts down Hong Kong (May 2012)
  5. Something is rotten in IMC Chicago (November 2011)
  6. Marketmaking is dead” (September 2010)
  7. Optiver’s profits in free fall (July 2010)
  8. Working in a fun environment (July 2012)
  9. Tibra stole source code Getco” (February 2012)
  10. Millionaire traders under 40 (June 2013)

Bonus leak

The post about the bonus leak in IMC Chicago gave a lot of fuzz. They’re still not happy about. Two weeks ago received the usual fanmail about it. I kid you not. On the other hand, maybe they are preparing a take over bid. Possible, internet multiples apply.

Next seven years

Here’s to the seven years of plenty! Cheers.