Small news on the transfer season in the trading business. People trading jobs and houses. Big houses in Amsterdam and Chicago.

Willem Meijer to step down as ceo TOM

The tall and likable Willem Meijer announced to step down as CEO of The Order Machine, TOM. He was behind the wheel for almost seven years. Back in 2010 the plans for TOM were fuzzy. It has been a succes, TOM has broken the monopoly of Euronext on the Dutch option market.

Mr. Meijer always maintained to do the job for 5 years. It has been nearly 7 years. By request of the shareholders, he has stayed for a few more months to handle some delicate issues. Still unknown who will succeed him. Willem Meijer will probably surface at some fintech venture.

Remains to be seen how successful TOM is financial perspective. It wasn’t able to stand on it’s own feet. Money flowed from the investors to TOM in the first quarter.

Gaasbeek new MD Flow Traders Asia

Arjen Gaasbeek starts today as the new managing director of Flow Traders Asia. The Singapore office has a headcount of around 45. Former MD Jan Folkert Kunst (aka JFK) left a few months ago.

Gaasbeek started his career as market maker for Optiver. After this he worked for ABN AMRO Clearing in Australia and he was MD at trading outfit Ingensoma. Hiring Gaasbeek and Fieke Korporaal (business development) explains why Flow Traders ceo’s are upbeat about the Asia prospects.

Paul Hilgers buys Amsterdam house

Optiver CEO Paul Hilgers bought a new house in Amsterdam. For a tidy sum of €3,2 million he bought this house. Location is perfect, close to the Vondelpark. And with 372 m2 it’s big for Amsterdam standards. Good to see the CEO living in the city.

There’s just one thing missing. There’s no parking. Mr Hilgers needs to park the car in the street. H/t to Quotenet (nl).

Paul Hilgers Optiver

Ivo Geijsen sells Chicago condo

Ivo Geijsen earned a few bucks with IMC Financial Markets in Chicago. The US office has been the cash cow for the firm in the last couple of years. A bonus like this made him one of the richest young employees of the country.

He’s moving back to Amsterdam. But he can’t take this condo in the Trump Tower with him. For sale for $3.8 million, a room with a view. Again, great location. Between the Loop and the Magic Mile. Walk to the office, walk to the restaurants. He paid $2.2 million for the apartment.

What mr Geijsen will do in Amsterdam at the IMC office isn’t completely clear. As head of algo trading in Chicago, he was on the frontline of the latest trading technology and strategies. The Amsterdam office is doing less spectacular stuff.

Master bedroom