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Insider trading for beginners

16 comments / October 28, 2016

Agfa-Gevaert is a multinational company in Belgium. It’s mainly active in imaging technology for hospitals (wiki). After the market close, Bloomberg brought the news the CompuServe Group is preparing a take-over bid. Mergers and acquisitions are business as usual. With option positions, some traders lose and others win. While take-over bids are often accompanied with aRead more

FOW Amsterdam in rocky markets

13 comments / February 12, 2016

The current markets make trading amazing. I predict the first quarter results of KCG, Virtu and Flow Traders will be spectacular. Shares of Optiver changed hands for €2000 – up from €1600 in 2015. “Our firm is made for this kind of market”, said CEO Doug Cifu after the August 24 stock rout. And regretted his remarkRead more

Hilarious stock trading tax in Belgium

11 comments / October 13, 2015

Belgium isn’t the heart of Europe’s trading battleground. Even while it’s home to one of the biggest companies in the world (AB Inbev). The exchange in Brussels is part of Euronext. The Dutch see the country as a little nephew. Next year, when European Championship kick off – everybody will support the Belgium team. HollandRead more