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Deserted weekly stockoptions

12 comments / August 26, 2010

The traded volume in the options with maturities of one week in the single stocks isn’t very exciting. For example, the volume in ING’s weekly options yesterday was 875 contracts, which is nothing compared to the 50.000 contracts in the regular ING options. For the weekly options on Royal Dutch the situation is even moreRead more

Weekly options for Mittal, ING and R2D2

29 comments / June 29, 2010

The weekly and daily options on the AEX index are extremely popular, and Euronext decided to have a go at weekly options in the equity single stocks. Onwards from July 16th we will be trading weekly’s on Mittal, ING and Royal Dutch Shell (RD). The basic idea is pretty similar compared with the AEX weeklyRead more