Chris Oomen and Allard Jakobs together in Kas Bank

22 comments / March 26, 2015

HISTORY_2002_KASBANK.ashxChris Oomen is the boss of the small insurance company DSW. Not one of the boring pack, DSW is the only rebel in the small Dutch world of insurance. I would switch if it wouldn’t be such a hassle.

Oomen is good for a few bucks, he’s one of the richest men in the country. He earned his fortune with another company he founded in 1986: Optiver.


With his estimated net worth of €150 million Oomen is a modest investor. His personal holding is called Optiverder, and can be found in the AFM registers with stakes in small caps. In spite of a bull market, his small cap adventures haven’t turned gold. He owns 5% of Grontmij and is facing a loss on this one of 75% (since 2008). He scratched a 5% stake in ICT Automatisering between 2011 and 2013 – only a small loss if he was lucky.

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Victims of the EUR/CHF

10 comments / March 20, 2015

Auw!The shock of the EUR/CHF move two months ago is a classic. Something you can tell your grandchildren about. Happened the day before the January expiration day – a small reminder to buy back those small short puts.

Today in Der Spiegel a story about a 26 year old engineer. The guy has a nette girlfriend, a well paying job at a medium sized electrical engineering company. Everything fine. Michael Lewis could probably draw a nice profile of a decent regular guy. Only problem is he gambled invested 2800 euro with the CFD shop IG Markets.

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DeGiro aims for Banco de Madrid

18 comments / March 18, 2015

Lijkt wel GoldmanDeGiro is hard to ignore. Every other day in the news in their conquest of new markets and connecting to exchanges.

Latest news is they aim for a takeover of a part of Banco de Madrid. The Spanish bank is in trouble after a bank run and the brokerage part, Interdin, is owned by the bank. Watchdog CNMW is guarding the unit. Clients can’t open new positions. Thing is DeGiro isn’t aiming for a full acquisition.

DeGiro won’t pay one peseta for Interdin. Offices, employees, brand name : not interested at all. The company logo reminds me of some US financial institution. Only the clients are welcome at DeGiro’s systems. After all they need to move somewhere. Interdin will be closing shop. Read more

FOW event coming up

5 comments / March 8, 2015

FOWThe annual Futures and Options World (FOW for friends) event in Amsterdam is coming up shortly. Thursday the 17th of March the conference will be held in the Hilton hotel at the Apollolaan in Amsterdam.

Was especially looking forward to the first panel discussion of the day. Paul Beck (Eurex), Adam Rose (Euronext), Willem Meijer (TOM) and Jasper Anderluh (DeGiro) could be very interesting. After all, Euronext and DeGiro are teaming up against TOM – while Eurex may be the most powerful outsider on the Dutch options market. Never a dull moment.

DeGiro censored, pull presence

Alas, while they’re still on the program flyer at the moment, DeGiro decided to pull their presence. DeGiro was told not to repeat their earlier allegations towards TOM Smart Order Router (SOR).

If you’re not free to talk, you shouldn’t be joining a discussion. A conspiracy theory could link the sponsors of the event to the content of the panel discussion : but no, this does not seem to be the case here.

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Euronext launches options on Grandvison

2 comments / March 6, 2015

CombinerenThat’s pretty fast. Euronext is launching options on Grandvision, the optical retail chain. Stock itself will probably qualify for inclusion in the AEX index next year – depending on how many shares owner HAL Investments will sell in the market in the coming months. After all, they still won 76.7% of the firm.

IPO of Grandvision was exactly one month ago, on February 6th. In a week the options will be introduced, on March 16th. It will be a part of the “spotlight” segment – a kind of fast track for introduction of the options and a with limited lifetime cycle of 1, 2 and 3 months.

Euronext remains very happy with Tjerk Westerterp’s “spaghetti strategy”. Throw all sorts of stuff at the market, and see what sticks around. Saves a lot in the marketing budget. Though this GVN options could be a succes. We’ll see.