Jongmans to Flow, CTC record quarter

21 comments / June 16, 2016

ABN AMRO Clearing Bank is a household name in the trading industry. For trading firms, it clears 2.4 billion trades a year, on 90 exchanges. It’s the largest clearing bank in Europe. In fields as small sized market makers the bank has a monopoly. They would ditch the small clients if they could.

In the world, ABN Amro Clearing Bank (AACB) ranks as the number three (according to AACB). Matter of definitions, difficult to point out the number one and two. With prime brokerage business, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. With FX there’s Citi and JPM.

From CEO to CFO

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FC Abcoude from the sky

Financial Football, GTS and ATG

6 comments / June 10, 2016

Today the European Championship will kick off in France. The Netherlands decided to participate in World Cups only. Saturday the championship will host matches with the national teams of Albania, Wales, Slovakia and Liechtenstein.

More interesting teams show up in the small town of Abcoude. Eighteen teams will battle at the Financial Football Tournament. As always with great weather and sharp organization by Ferry Boekholt from Bennington.

New team from Telstra

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Optiver Australia

Optiver earnings amaze, again

43 comments / June 1, 2016

Last year I wrote “Optiver killed it in 2014”. The most succesful Dutch trading firm had a great year. But how to write a headline for their 2015 results? The latest results are nothing short of amazing.

Profits up 60%

The net profit was €395 million in 2015. That’s almost €150 million more than the previous year. That’s a growth percentage of 60%. Rival trading outfits like IMC, Virtu and Flow Traders saw only modest growth. The results for IMC Financial Markets were called “decent”.

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DeGiro commercial

DeGiro searching for HiQ’s millions

13 comments / May 27, 2016

DeGiro needs cash. The discount broker is investing heavily in marketing. Advertising on TV and internet is expensive, and their balance sheet is apparently running empty. I got the hand on a confidential prospectus on a certain DeGiro offering. Showing more colour on the broker.

DeGiro figures

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Brexit options

Brexit. Lining up for a non-event.

36 comments / May 11, 2016

The more hype for an event, the bigger the possibility of a deception. A non-event instead of an exciting trading day. The looming Brexit vote on June 23th is already the grandmother of all high volatility events. Bet this time it will be no different. The July options trade at a big premium.

Exchanges chiming in on Brexit

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