Comparing stock market indices. It’s not like horse racing or comparing nations, and apart from the football pitch I wouldn’t call myself a nationalist.

Happy to see though the Dutch stock market, the AEX, outperforming the rest of the civilized world. Even doing better than the US and emerging markets like France and Italy. Curious how long it will last. Considered selling my private investments and making an extra 5% on a boring savings account in the remaining 51 weeks of 2009. The Dow Jones of the low countries, AEX, is usually carrying the red lantern in the results. Will pay attention to the Dutch underperformance in the next post.

2009, the first three trading days

*AEX : 9,49%

*MIB : 6,59%

*CAC : 5,54%

*SMI: 4,75%

*DAX : 4,49%

*Eurostoxx : 4,43%