Among normal citizens, good traders usually do quite well in a regular game of poker. Some traders are even better in playing poker than trading derivatives. Anyway, get your agenda’s as February 27th you’ll be able to win the title of the best poker-playing-trader of Amsterdam.

But there’s more good news. All revenues will flow directly to charity, in this case the Jasper Against Batten foundation. The Batten disease is a rare, cruel and fatal childhood disorder for which there’s currently no cure (wiki). Jasper is a kid suffering from the Batten disease and his parents launched the charity foundation to raise capital for research. There’s a connection to the proprietary trading society in Amsterdam, as Jasper’s father is employed by Fortis Clearing in Chicago.

The buy-in is 200 euro each and all drinks, food and other catering costs are paid for by other sponsors. Hence your full 200 euro’s are going to Jasper against Batten. And well, there’s nothing to win but the glory and one-year bragging rights.

Firms can sponsor the tournament with the auction of the table names. Of course, the name of the table for the final will go to the highest bidder. There’s a maximum of 100 players, and some 20 traders from several firms already confirmed their participation.

Date : February 27th, 2010 (saturday)
Location : The Mood, Keizersgracht 125-127, Amsterdam
Sign up : send mail to [email protected]
More information: