The big auction of Van der Moolen’s possessions in January was a big success. The proceeds did amount €400.000. Which was more than expected by the administrator. In part this may have been caused by former employees. Maybe overpaying for the computer equipment. The involvement of former VDM traders has been confirmed by the administrator.

Picture of Hans Kroon

A lot less media exposure was given to the second auction, ending a couple of days ago. The most valuable asset in the auction was the large painting of Hans Kroon. This piece of art was sold for a tidy amount of 245 euro. Sadly enough, I’ve missed this great buying opportunity. The question is, who is the lucky buyer? Hans Kroon himself? Avalon Media Group? Or did Richard den Drijver bought it as a birthday present for his former partner-in-crime? Perfectly willing to pay 250 300 euro for this masterpiece.

Missing objects

More interesting than the assets auctioned, are the missing goods. Nobody has ever seen the painting with the VOC ships again. After some research there appears to be something wrong with the traditional Mercurius statues, too. Two of them were sold in the first auction, correct. But the company had three of those statues. The third one ended as souvenir above the fireplace in the living room somewhere. Maybe next to the golden windmill, which also remains missing.