20 May

Euronext. Good with colours.

Met kleurtjes kunnen ze aardig uit de voetenOne of the nicest parts of writing a post here is the search for a picture. However, sometimes the last picture says it all. Jeez, not this shit again. Thursday and friday parts of the option market in Amsterdam have been shut down again as a result of technical problems. It was embarrassing in the beginning of the month, now it’s getting outright painful.

The exchange couldn’t handle the massive order flow, according to a spokesman. Traders can confirm this can’t be true. There wasn’t more trading as usual at time of last outage. In contrary, problems occurred after the expiration of the first month futures.

But hey, at least the exchange has got a new brand new logo.

13 thoughts on “Euronext. Good with colours.

  1. In what many foreign partners see as the great Greek paradox, opinion polls show over 75 percent of Greeks want to stay in the euro, but two thirds oppose an international bailout, a lifeline which came with harsh salary, pension and job cuts.

    If you don’t quite see the point, look around yourself, find a greek and observe how crazy they really are,

  2. Damn it’s quiet here. I guess nobody reads the Dutch trade dailies sonce noone’s mentioned that IMC’s pulled in over € 150 mil in profits last year.

    Any bets on whether they’ve bested Optiver?

  3. Wasn’t Optiver up 400mil in 2010?
    2011 wouldn’t have been significantly different?

  4. Nah, they had a good year with € 140 M. 2008 was their best to date at € 220 M although their best per partner was in 2001 or 2002.

  5. what numbers are these>? They had trading revenues of roughly €700mm in 2008, €250mm in 2009 and €400mm in 2010, their income statements were posted on this site last year,

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