We all face the same problem. Volumes in the market are under pressure, even big swings in the stockmarket won’t spark the good old trading. Some firms such as Getco have been forced to cut some staff. Nothing new here, regular economic ebb and flow.

However, something strange is happening near the polar circle. And it isn’t even close to Christmas. The Norwegian exchange Olso Børse decided to cut the opening hours. As from August 6th, the equity and derivative exchange will shut the doors at 16:30. This trial period will last six months.

Not much trading anyway, and concentrating the volume in just a few hours could improve liquidity. In addition, this will allow companies and brokers “to focus on fundraisings outside exchange opening hours”. Maybe. Guess the Norwegians run the risk of isolating themselves from the trading venues in the rest of the world. But this Scandinavian country, they have got the oil.

Nevertheless an interesting move in a time with almost round-the-clock trading. Some people in Oslo will have more time for their hobbies soon. Fishing. Cooking. I would prefer opening an hour later, though.