3 Sep

A bronze medal

Veel meer spelers dan deze twee zijn er nietBut remember to come back in September, so after an unusual break for more than a month everything will continue as normal. Still doing fine, but appreciate your warm concern in the meantime. Patting myself on the back for updating this site every single month since January 2009.

Speaking of Swiss clocks and ancient stock market wisdom, there’s a new trading game around. Tradingdoors. Created by Jeremy Chatelaine, who worked for years as lead engineer at trading software vendor Actant and created some video games as well. He should know how to program trading simulation software, and yes – it works like charm. Log in is a piece of cake with your LinkedIn account. No password hassle. Realtime price feed from BATS.

Yet, there are some serious drawbacks. Only stocks can be traded, which are not so hard to understand. Oldskool stock trading isn’t much in fashion these days. A matter of taste.

A more serious problem. The creators have overestimated the price people are willing to pay to join in. Ten dollars for a game where currently nothing can be won is too much. Competition without critical mass is dull. Tomorrow will be the start of a new competition. With only two other players, a bronze medal is in reach for me.

18 thoughts on “A bronze medal

  1. haha, now this is what you call mixing casino gambling with stock market punting, getting down to the real thing, gambling and intellectual winning, nice, but yeah 10 bucks, maybe some other day.

  2. yo Jack, did you even read the website,

    Enjoy $500

    You got to pay $10 to play the game, but show us you are the best by coming up first and we give you $500* & feature you and your strategy on our front page.

    * based on your trading score after 6 trading competitions

  3. Broadcast how good you are

    Your trading score is determined using the ELO formula developped to rank chess players and is based on your performance relative to other participants. Display your score on social platform or your website using our special widget.

    i.e. show off your gigantically little penis.

  4. Is this all the interesting news out there? A trading game? Nothing more juicy (should not be that difficult)? How are the (Dutch) market makers doing these days, especially those with significant fixed costs? Any cost cutting measures leaked?

  5. This game is a complete waste of time. I have more fun creating words from numbers on my upside down calculator…..

  6. Actually, I think our users would challenge this statement very much given their activity on the platform. That is assuming none of them write words on calculator as a hobby.


  7. ‘I don’t think anyone is forcing you to play dude’

    man come on, you don’t like constructive criticism, hey, nothing personal.

  8. ‘Actually, I think our users would challenge this statement very much given their activity on the platform.’

    who do you think is your target audience and how do you plan to attract them away from your competition?

  9. As much as I’d like to think I know it all, I surely clearly don’t.

    So I’m learning from people coming and why they come one at a time (it’s more of a lean startup approach as opposed to “know-it-all corporate launch final product and hope they come”).

    So far it seems to be people willing to have fun at trading (not competing), mostly non-professional, also willing to learn.

    They seem to enjoy very much the platform once in with real time bid and ask (quite different from all free games around I tried… and I tried a lot, boring as hell).
    I therefore intend to make a version this week where people can try with delayed quotes without committing any money and experience for themselves if they like it or not.

    I’m very grateful of whoever is giving it a go as I learn how to make it better for everyone else at the same time. I took good note of some critics from professionals already (some harsh, others positives to build on).

    I’m also very grateful of Jack’s post (although one can always hope it would have been more positive :)). Thanks for the comments here too.


  10. ‘They seem to enjoy very much the platform once in with real time bid and ask’

    bid and ask is integral, i heard one moron saying he can generate revenue even with 50bps bid-offer spread, clearly the monkey has never paid the spread on high frequency basis.

    ‘although one can always hope it would have been more positive’

    what you didn’t like when Jack said ‘Oldskool stock trading isn’t much in fashion these days’, lol, ignore him, he’s too addicted to leverage and options, there is still 10 more years of deleveraging to go, don’t worry his tastes will change sooner than he thinks.

  11. hehe, I also developped a knack for playing with options (coming from actant), so it’s more a matter of time & financing before I add derivatives.

    Any hint as to other nice website like this one that could be interested in talking about a community stock trading game? (I just finished the free trial mode btw)


  12. mate, options trading is all about hidden quotes, real quotes don’t mean jack shit for any market maker, which reminds this moron who had set up new infra few years ago who was trying to trade options with real quotes because hidden quotes were still not live, needless to say, the hidden quotes never went live and company closed down much before, anybody wanna guess who this industry legend is that i am talking about?

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