This Thursday in the stores in the country, the Dutch rich list Quote 500 edition 2012 is out again. The millionaires from the trading floor have my very special attention – and I’m glad to say there’s something new to share apart from the usual suspects.

Beside the top 500, the Quote research team has made lists of fat cats per region – lowering the bar. And that’s where we find the new names, mainly from Duyfken trading (who?) and Binck.

First things first. The usual suspects, grouped by trading firm.

Rob Defares                                €300       +50%
Wiet Pot                                      €310       +29,2% (a lot of Goldman Sachs cash)
Rene Schelvis                             €57         +1,8%

Leo van den Berg                       €94         +4,4%
Johann Kaemingk                      €380       +26,7%
Ruud Vlek                                   €120       +25%
Jan Dobber                                 €91         +9,6%
Chris Oomen                               €125       +25%

Flow Traders
Roger Hodenius                         €75         +15,4%
Jan van Kuijk                              €90         +20%

Allard Jakobs                             €180       -10% (All Options)
Jurjen & Hugo Kruisinga          €120       -4,0% (Cross Options)
David Slager                               €150       -44,4% (hedge fund Atticus)
Adri Strating                              €145       -6,5% (stock trading in the stone age)
Alexander Roepers                    €600     (new)  (hedge fund Atlantic Partners)

With All Options as a tiny market maker unable to compete in the main stocks and index, Allard Jakobs’ fortune looks overestimated – but sources assure me the money is all there. Cash. Maybe his teak investments made a killing. Alexander Roepers, 54 years old, is new on the list. It’s not a typo – the researchers have overlooked the guy for years. IMC had a great year, and Rob Defares made a great jump in his net worth. For more details check out last year’s overview or the list in 2010.

As mentioned, the mini lists for some regions have some interesting names. Not fat enough to reach the first 500, but rich enough for some attention.

Duyfken Trading Knowledge
Dennis Brinke (42jr)         €40  Regio Gooi/Utrecht
Reindert Stoffer (42jr)     €40  Regio Groot Amsterdam
Stijn Boon (41jr)                €30 Regio Groot Amsterdam
Serge Erkens (41jr)            €30 Regio Groot Amsterdam

Thierry Schaap (41jr)        €20 Regio Gooi/Utrecht
Kalo Bagijn (40jr)              €20 Regio Groot Amsterdam

Jan Kluft (68jr) Delta/Paerel            €40
Bert Smit (65jr) ExtraClearing/Stroeve   €40
Ronald van der Geest (45jr) FlowTraders  €35
Everyone knows Binck and their founders. The other firms (Paerel, Stroeve) will ring a bell too. On the other side there’s Duyfken Trading Knowledge. Founded in 2002, a headcount of around twenty and a strong academic background – mainly in physics. Keyword is “econophysics”. Sponsoring an econophysics department at the university of Leiden (link, Dutch). Duyfken, named after a VOC ship, is apparently highly profitable and highly secretive. There isn’t even a company website. In the comments Duyfken has been confused with people with the name Duivenbode – that is completely unrelated (to avoid confusion).

Update on Dufyken

Most of the Duyfken partners have their roots at Optiver (Erkens, Stoffer, Brinke). From IMC comes Stijn Boon – who traded in IMC colors in the AEX Index pit. The managing partner is Stoffer. The latter is also the owner of one of the priciest houses in Amsterdam Zuid.

Grow a mo for your bro

Prof, Stoffer and Vos