Jottem. Gefeliciteerd hoor.Declining volumes and market volatility – Optiver wasn’t hurt in 2012. The profits of the firm remained stable with 141,6 million, which is only slightly less than 2011 (159,9 million).

CEO Jelle Elzinga stated the decreased volumes in the equity have been partly offset by new trading operations in the bond market. On the other hand, the firm achieved a remarkable lower cost of operations, from 227.4m to €189.6m while the headcount even went up from 588 to 647.

Their annual report is not yet available, we’ll have to wait for that. Elzinga himself will step down January 1st after a career of twenty years with Optiver. With 42 years he’s ready to retire and spend his days on the golf course. He’ll keep his shares.

Best place to work

Most of the profits are from outside Europe, the company opened an office in Shanghai this year. According to Jelle Elzinga the Chinese market will be too important to trade from their office in Sydney.

While they won’t be trading the Chinese markets, there’s also some good news from down under. With a staff of 203 employees Optiver Australia won the BRW Best place to work in 2013. Worth watching the interview with Optiver Australia CEO Paul Hilgers. Marketing lingo of course, but the company is competing for scarce talent and this is excellent public relations.

Meanwhile, IMC still wants to know who said this.