Last month Euronext announced to cut fees for option trading for retail investors. In order to match TOM’s transaction fees, the fee was lowered from 40 cents to 31 cent per option. The question is always whether or not the brokers lower the fees to the investors, or are happy to keep the extra profit margin in their pocket.

DeGiro, always keen to capture free publicity with empty promises (Alibaba IPO), announced they would follow suit (link, nl). A drastic cut in the transaction costs, the more you trade the lower the fees. A new low transaction feee of 50 cents per option for the most active traders. Sounds great. This sunday they released their new fee schedule. See below.


Seriously. Other brokers are a lot more expensive, DeGiro doesn’t have an incentive to lower fees. But this new fee schedule is embarrassing. DeGiro seems to have lost touch with reality.

Everyone even getting close to the 10.000 option contracts threshold per month should leave DeGiro and switch to a professional firm (say, Better Options). Suggesting retail investors spending EUR 50k per month on option trading fees. What a joke.