Finally, some entertainment news. It was about time for some juicy gossip. After all those serious posts. This is a scoop : Roger Hodenius will marry celebrity Gigi Ravelli. Hodenius is the big man behind Flow Traders.

Loving Ibiza

The wedding will take place on Ibiza on September 24th. The place won’t come as a big surprise. The couple owns a villa on the island. A chartered airplane will fly-in the guests on Saturday.

On Sunday the 25th, everybody will be flown back to Amsterdam. Only one planeload of guests. This means the wedding will be for close friends only. I’m not on the guest list (yet).

Roger Hodenius

Roger Hodenius (1972) is the co-founder of Flow Traders. After being responsible for ETF trading at Optiver, he quit and started his own trading outfit. With a lot of success. The shares of Flow Traders trade on Euronext Amsterdam. Hodenius still owns 14,27% of Flow Traders. His estimated net worth is more than €400 million. He drives an Aston Martin DBS Volante.

Hodenius has been married before. After he was thrown out of the house in 2013, he lived for a few months in the Conservatorium Hotel.

Gigi Ravelli

Gigi Ravelli (1982) is a celebrity in The Netherlands. She starred in the popular soap opera Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden. She acted in other television shows and movies (IMDB). Most recently she presented the tv program Campinglife. She won the “boobies of the year 2013” award.

Rumor has it she quit her acting career, because Roger Hodenius wants to stay low profile. And low profile doesn’t mix with television. Her instagram account hasn’t seen activity for three years (but is still worth checking). Roger and Gigi are together for three years.

The blonde on Ibiza

Gigi starred in the movie Loving Ibiza. See the trailer below, she’s the blonde girl. There’s some campinglife in the full movie.