It’s november again, time for the MOvember (grow a mo, save a bro) and of course a brand new edition of the Quote 500 rich list in the Netherlands. For details on 486 filthy rich you’d better buy a copy of your own, I’ll focus on the wealthy 14 who made their fortune in trading. Of course, it’s a matter of taste to classify them as smart traders or just early investors.

The lower limit in the Quote 500 is 55 million this year (number 500: Dennis Bergkamp). There are scores of traders who classify as in-the-money, but have a long way to go to reach this list.

491. Rene Schelvis (IMC) 56mio +7,7% (2010 nr499). Sold his 30% stake in IMC in 2007 to Wiet Pot. Love his Lamborghini.

445 Roger Hodenius (Flow Traders/Optiver) 65mio +8,3% (2010 nr446). Founded Flow Traders in 2004 together with Han Jan van Kuijk.

399 Jan van Kuijk (Flow Traders/Newtrade) 75mio +25% (2010 nr449). Researchers from Quote discovered he made a few million as partner in Newtrade, in the open outcry era.

345 Jan Dobber (Optiver) 83mio +3,8% (2010 nr334). Left Optiver a long time ago, but participated with Willem Middelkoop in his Gold mutual fund. Of course, made his fortune in Optiver.

320 Leo van den Berg (Optiver) 90mio +0,0% (2010 nr294). Relatively unknown, 43 years old. Left Optiver after option trading moved to the screens. Retired.

310 Ruud Vlek (Optiver) 96mio +18,5% (2010 nr329). Doing some real estate trading with Kaemingk’s wife. 64 years old.

296 Chris Oomen (Optiver) 100mio +17,6% (2010nr315). Another founder/investor. Rumor has it his net worth is higher. CEO of insurance company DSW, 62 years old.

238 Jurjen en Hugo Kruisinga (Cross Options) 125mio -7,4% (2010nr210). Made a fortune in the open outcry era. 57 and 50 years old, living on a farm in the English countryside. Don’t know we’re talking about the same farm, or two different farms.

198 Adri Strating (TWE) 155mio +19,2% (2010nr215). Formerly known as Adri S. (74). Another generation, no derivative trading here.

149 Allard Jakobs (All Options) 200mio -33,3% (2010nr93). Sold! Haven’t seen the exact figures, but as far as I can see All Options has never been a cash cow, except for the Altana year. Losing millions ever since. As predicted tumbled on the list, but not far enough.

148 Rob Defares (IMC) 200mio +112,8 (2010nr287). IMC is back on track and earning millions. Defares has got a 60% stake in the firm.

125 Wiet Pot (IMC) 240mio +14,3% (2010nr136). Well known story of the former Goldman Sachs partner returning to Amsterdam. After a brief period as CEO of Kempen & Co where he was forced out after ignoring compliance regulations, he bought a 35% stake in IMC. Unknown where the additional 5% came from. Probably from a spreadsheet error at the Quote research desk. He bought 30% stake from Schelvis and an additional 5% from Defares. 54 years old.

110 David Slager (hedgefonds Atticus) 270mio 0,0% (2010nr105). Hedge fund manager, apparently has got a Dutch passport too.

98 Johann Kaemingk (Optiver)300mio +27,1% (2010nr121). Of course the true founder of Optiver, 53 years old. Not the playboy kind of person to say the least. Spending a lot of time and money on the church and related charity.

Last year’s victims were Hans Kroon and his buddy Richard den Drijver. They didn’t make a magical comeback. We have two more exits this year. But in contrast to Kroon and Den Drijver, these men still have a reputation.

– Jan Kluft (Delta) 2010 nr 480 54mio, estimated at 51-55 mio. Not enough for this year’s edition.

– Ronnie van de Putte (Curvalue/Bever) 2010 nr 434 61mio, estimated at 46-50 mio. Never really heard of this guy. Doing real estate stuff as far as I can see.

Update, after questions in the comments

The chief research for the Quote 500 has been a market maker himself in the pit. He knows the guys for a long time, and knows what he is talking about. Ronald van der Geest has sold his take in Flow Traders for a good price to the American investors (Summit). A lot of money, but not enough cash to reach the Quote 500 list. The estimated net worth of both Flow partners in the list is based on the value of their firm.

Allard Jakobs on the other hand, had a lot of cash in his private holding. He lost money last year, guessed at 40 million. If that covers it will be clear in a few months when the new chamber of commerce files are available.

At IMC Wiet Pot has bought 5% from Defares. Rumor has it he may be willing to buy some more.