Carl IcahnEuronext announced the options on Pershing Square won’t be introduced. Not a single market maker was interested in quoting options on Bill Ackman’s hedge fund. I told you so (don’t wanna brag).

Seriously – expected Susquehanna to sign up for this. Without market makers there will be no market, and empty screens. Poor uncle Carl has to place his bets against Bill somewhere else.

Remains strange Euronext waited till Thursday after market close to inform the rest of the market the introduction on Friday morning won’t be happening. Postponed, until further notice.

  • Postponement notice from Euronext

Options on Kas Bank – again

From Ackman and Icahn to other titans of the industry. Last year market makers turned down the suggestion of quoting options on Kas Bank. The involvement of Allard Jakobs in the stock (he has a stake of 5%) didn’t create a lot of enthusiasm among the market participants. Allard sticks to his position in Kas Bank, but now to other titans jumped aboard (Chris Oomen and me).

Anyway, Euronext gives it another shot. Trading in options with ticker symbol KAS should commence June 5th. If any market maker is interested, that is.

  • Euronext notice on introduction options on Kas Bank

Update : Euronext pulls options on Kas Bank – again

That was fast. My confession I was long Kas Bank must have pushed them over the edge. Introduction of options on Kas Bank has been cancelled. The other part of the post above also proved to be wrong. The options on Pershing Square will be introduced – they’re only fixing a technical glitch. Trading in dollars caused some problems.

  • Euronext notice on cancellation of options on Kas Bank