imc financial marketsHeard it through the grapevine, wasn’t able to double check this rumor on IMC Financial Markets. Don’t take it as a hard confirmed fact just yet, but the following story has been buzzing around.  It’s short:

IMC Financial Markets has shut down their Hong Kong office. Everybody is fired. Operations move to Sydney.

Would fit nicely in their bold tradition of axing staff. At least I hope their weekend school in Hong Kong remains untouched. The reason for relocating their regional headquarter would be they felt better at ease in the Australian culture.

To be continued.


The offices in Sydney and Hong Kong will be merged into the Sydney office.  The Hong Kong activities will be carried on from there.  A number of HK people will be employed in Sydney.

Tom Voute may continue weekendschool

IMC has a commitment for continuation of the Hong Kong Sundayschool. Former IMC employee, Tom Voute and his company Algorithmic Trading Group have already expressed an interest in helping out.