Short post, can’t do it much better than the Sydney Morning Herald today. Some mails surfaced from the period the Tibra founders were still working for Optiver. Finally, the password has been broken. “Ok Cats, We are 6 weeks out and under the pump. Here is the timeline we are working off.


Optiver profit 256 million

In the mean time Optiver has been doing very well last year. Pre-tax profit 256 million, up 110 million from 2010. Company warns of a though 2012. A little old news, but haven’t got the hold of a copy of their anual report just yet. Didn’t make it to Jelle’s most favorite journalist friends. (FT)

IMC fined in Hong Kong

And back to Asia again. Now IMC is about to leave the country to settle everyone down under, the love is finally over. The firm is fined 1.5 million dollar for breaching rules on covered short selling. Read the short message from the Securities and Future Commission.

Update : In Hong Kong people use the Hong Kong dollar to pay. Also to the SFC. In euro’s this fine is around 150k.