I started this website in January 2009. Initially, I focussed only on the derivative trading community in Amsterdam. At the time it was a vibrant community with many market maker firms and brokers. And only one exchange.

Things have changed. A dozen exchanges compete for orders, and there’s only one broker left in town. We see Dutch firms being bought by their American counterparts. Other Dutch firms are expanding abroad.

Traders, brokers, hedgies and exchanges

This website is focussing on the global trading community. Traders, brokers, hedge funds and exchanges : that’s usually it. In contrast to the regular financial news, I don’t need to double-check every story before publishing. Nobody wants to confirm the latest news on-the-record anyway. The upside is I bring news and gossip faster. Downside is not much will be officially confirmed.

Over the years amsterdamtrader.com has earned a reliable reputation. Posts have been source for stories in among others FD, De Telegraaf, NRC, Quotenet, Financial Times, Zerohedge, Themistrading, Bloomberg, L’echo, AD, iex.nl and a few more.

Industry Insider

The trading business is a small world with many participants. Everybody is dependent on each other by some degree. As an industry insider and a trader, I have chosen to remain anonymous. The alternative would be writing positive stories only. As a kind of cheerleader for the trading industry. That wouldn’t be fun.

Maarten Mosselman

After exactly eight years, I call it a day. One final post and an interview in a newspaper. No reason to stay anonymous – my real name is Maarten Mosselman (linkedin). Stayed anonymous for my co-workers as well. Fortunately, they could appreciate the surprise.


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