1 May

Financial Football Tournament 2012

de snor komt dit jaar niet kijkenIn a few weeks the ninth edition of the Financial Football Tournament will be held on Saturday 16th of June.

Scrocca was the new co-sponsor for the event last year, together with Eurex and KBC Clearing. This year the sponsorship is a little different. And a little difficult. KBC Clearing left the business altogether. Scrocca appeared not in the mood for sponsoring another year. Only the Germans from Eurex stay on board. Additional sponsors may contact Bennington, as always organizing the event.

Good news is the tournament is being held, with or without additional sponsors. Always good to keep a healthy tradition in place. Everything remains the same. Indoor playing rules, seven-a-side teams and the same location on the grounds of FC Abcoude. Sign up here.

The past winners:

  • 2011 – IMC
  • 2010 – 323 Trading
  • 2009 – KBC Bank
  • 2008 – Eurex
  • 2007 – Euronext
  • 2006 – Market Wizards
  • 2005 – Fortis
  • 2004 – IMC
  • 2003 – Optiver


Last year the cup was won by IMC. The first company every to win the title twice. Let’s hope Optiver will change focus from silly cricket to football again and be a contender for the title again. They can use some winning feeling.

After settling with the CFTC the firm lost a more expensive case against the Dutch tax authorities, 32 million. Details here (nl). That’s 46 million in a week in legal settlements. Looks good for their rival Tibra. For years under attack after Optiver accused them of stealing software. Optivers’ lawyers aren’t in the winning mood. On the other hand, that 14 million CFTC penalty is good for some profit in the books.


Messed up other important dates with the tournament. Yes, tournament will be held on 16th of June. For the VDM regulars here, some news on Hans Kroon’s brother Jimmy.  On Quotenet, so in Dutch. Hat tip to RDD  in the comments.

29 thoughts on “Financial Football Tournament 2012

  1. there are sizable bunch of indian people in optiver, its not the company, its them stuck to their silly national game, they got some indian premier league going on back in their country, involving some mind-numbing numbers,

  2. is the date right? “We would like to invite you to participate in the ninth annual Football Tournament organised for the financial industry, to be held in Abcoude, just outside of Amsterdam on Saturday 16 June 2012.”

  3. No sponsors and just 2 teams registered? Is it goinig that bad nowadays or teambuilding isn’t necessary anymore since robots rule?

    Btw, 16th of june is the correct date.

  4. the ‘team-building’ and other hr terminology works in growth/bubble times, not in deleveraging/austerity/efficiency/belt-tightening era we are currently in,

  5. @ 11:37am Retention strategy replaced by attrition strategy, and, somewhere they’re thinking about taking away the free lunches. The horror, the horror.

  6. ‘team of robots capable of beating a human side at football by 2050′

    Anyone wanna make a market on this >?

  7. few years back, in the midst of the panic, they had started to ration tissue paper, at this top british investment bank, they couldn’t ration the loo paper of course, so they just replaced it with a cheap quality asda stuff, haha,

  8. The gaad not as good med’s brother mij’n relevant partner Hans Kroon. Jimmy dringent hullep you need! Now the tijt. And remember, if you can not share you can not multiple.

    Greetings from sunny Marrakech


  9. Flow Traders B.V.

    New Auth. Representatives:
    Mr Gerard Jong
    Mr Khalid Akka
    Former Auth. Representatives:
    Mr Jan van Kuijk
    Mr Roger Hodenius

    New Responsible Person:
    Mr Jorden Azerraf
    Mr Folkert Joling
    Mr Randolf Paling
    Mr Sjoerd Rietberg
    Former Responsible Person:
    Mr Raymond Tse

  10. Cricket 2011, who the hell is Rashid???

    Rashid Shah of Optiver expressed his delight at the partnership saying, “We have been long time supporters of Cricket in the Netherlands at previous ICC World Events and once again we are looking forward to being associated with the team in Asia as well as featured back here in our home country which is a true reflection of our worldwide brand.”

  11. @ 4:50 looks like they are updating old compliance procedures. Raymond Tse has been in Singapore since 2007 and can therefore logically not be a responsible person on NYX.

  12. Seems Tibra’s lost yet another global head of the nerds. Funny, they seem to last exactly 1 bonus cycle.

  13. “Seems Tibra’s lost yet another global head of the nerds.”

    That’s news to me!

  14. ‘Experienced Software Developer / Consultant – Real Time Systems, Trading Systems, Algorithmic / High Frequency Trading’, lol,, sounds like a wannabe to the party, down under,

  15. No party down under. Just farty nerds arguing over who’s more technically awesome, at the expense of revenue producing staff.

  16. I remember in 08 when optiver was rationing food, asking employee’s to “watch their portions at lunch”. It’s great to see the cock suckers get hammered by the CFTC. Van Kempen, Dowson, and Meijer all banned from trading. Life is good.

  17. Optiver was never rationing food, certainly not in 08 which had been the best year ever by almost factor of 2x,
    They in fact ran a very generous lunch place, with nominal couple of bucks for breakfast/lunch and those payments weren’t even enforced, it was pretty much employee perk in tax efficient manner,

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