de snor komt dit jaar niet kijkenIn a few weeks the ninth edition of the Financial Football Tournament will be held on Saturday 16th of June.

Scrocca was the new co-sponsor for the event last year, together with Eurex and KBC Clearing. This year the sponsorship is a little different. And a little difficult. KBC Clearing left the business altogether. Scrocca appeared not in the mood for sponsoring another year. Only the Germans from Eurex stay on board. Additional sponsors may contact Bennington, as always organizing the event.

Good news is the tournament is being held, with or without additional sponsors. Always good to keep a healthy tradition in place. Everything remains the same. Indoor playing rules, seven-a-side teams and the same location on the grounds of FC Abcoude. Sign up here.

The past winners:

  • 2011 – IMC
  • 2010 – 323 Trading
  • 2009 – KBC Bank
  • 2008 – Eurex
  • 2007 – Euronext
  • 2006 – Market Wizards
  • 2005 – Fortis
  • 2004 – IMC
  • 2003 – Optiver


Last year the cup was won by IMC. The first company every to win the title twice. Let’s hope Optiver will change focus from silly cricket to football again and be a contender for the title again. They can use some winning feeling.

After settling with the CFTC the firm lost a more expensive case against the Dutch tax authorities, 32 million. Details here (nl). That’s 46 million in a week in legal settlements. Looks good for their rival Tibra. For years under attack after Optiver accused them of stealing software. Optivers’ lawyers aren’t in the winning mood. On the other hand, that 14 million CFTC penalty is good for some profit in the books.


Messed up other important dates with the tournament. Yes, tournament will be held on 16th of June. For the VDM regulars here, some news on Hans Kroon’s brother Jimmy.  On Quotenet, so in Dutch. Hat tip to RDD  in the comments.