Bezorgde blik

Better safe than sorry. I’m not fighting for a nobel cause, maintaining this website is just for fun. So when expensive park avenue law firms are demanding posts and a few hundred comments to be taken offline : they got it.

Apart from visitor traffic going through the roof, there’s not much upside for me in getting involved in these kind of lawsuits. That’s more for Quote and Geenstijl.

In the meantime, the comment section is shut down until further notice. Will probably return with some kind of register option, after moving the servers to North Korea. Seriously, taking a break for a while.

Update. Tibra’s profits soared in Europe. Revenues increased 45% to 27 million. Headcount was down with 24 to an average staff of 57. Those remaining traders and developers shared 10.6 million in salary and bonus. That’s an average of 175k.