Flow Traders is LidlIn the fight for the most talented traders and developers, Flow Traders made a surprising move.

From now on, Flow Traders wants to be compared with the Lidl. The discount supermarket. Have to admit I never visited a Lidl store. Maybe there’s something very attractive about working there.

Recruitment portrait

It wasn’t a slip of the tongue from the investor relations or a nasty journalist. It was co-ceo Sjoerd Rietberg who wants to compare his firm with the discount supermarket. And Sjoerd (net worth €30 million) is happy about being the Lidl.

Never knew he did his shopping there. Journalists writing this kind of company portraits (nl) give companies a full say on the content.

You’re welcome

I have a lot of respect for Flow Traders and the people who work there. Even bought some share in the firm. They lack the raw speed, but they compensate this with true alpha. If management wants to be the Lidl – who am I to argue? I can help them out with spreading their new image. You’re welcome!