schelvisRene Schelvis just bought a brand new car, quotenet (nl) reports. Together with Rob Defares he has founded IMC back in the old days of the open outcry trading. Schelvis was known for being the cautious one, whereas Defares had more appetite for risk. Schelvis sold his 30% stake in IMC to Wiet Pot in October 2007. With an estimated net worth of 50 million euro he entered the Quote 500 rich list on place 471 in 2009.

Full tax for the Lamborghini

His new Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce is a true supercar with a corresponding price ticket. Schelvis paid €510.736, of which €158.674 of the high Dutch tax. Escaping this car tax is possible by using a foreign license plate – but that would give too much hassle. Fans are excited to see this SuperVeloce cruising through the streets of Amsterdam. A few have even been taken for a tour by Schelvis.

Supersize spoiler, for the sound

There’s just one little thing. To create a better sound, Schelvis had the car tuned with an extra size spoil-er. Fans aren’t very enthusiast about the Reiter tuning. See for yourselves.