Altijd paar dozen achter de hand houdenSuddenly a bucketload of news on IMC.

First of all, Wiet Pot and Remco Lenterman have called their old pals at Goldman Sachs. Seems IMC is bidding 30 million for the floor trading business at the big board in New York.

Maybe they’re keeping the specialists alive as main argument for HFT, it’s a kind of dinosaur after all. But one with lots of media coverage. Hard to say why IMC would like to expand in such a shrinking market – but they sure will have their reasons.

WSJ calls Lenterman CEO of IMC. Probably by mistake, as they aren’t short of CEO’s with Defares and Pot. On the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise me if @Lenterman takes over the helm at IMC someday.

Trouble in Amsterdam

Thursday the 27th of March was bonus day, and it was followed by at least half a dozen of resignations. Some high profile people left to spend more time with their garden.

A source insists “they left with a cloud of suspicion hanging over their heads” . They may be spending a year on gardening leave during the non compete clause – before joining a rival firm or starting their own.

After this the Managing Director trading Europe, Koen Huisman, was shown the door. As a former very successful bond option trader, he apparently was less gifted as a manager. Peter Principle at work.

While IMC is having great years in the USA and in Asia, the performance at the headquarters in Amsterdam has been disappointing for a few years in a row.

IMC Chicago developer bonus 2012

The developer bonus at IMC Chicago is also in, but these are last years numbers (bonus over 2012). The Y axis is thousands of dollars, and including the base salary. No names or initials, just a plain bar chart.

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