The list of top 100 rich young Dutchies is out again. Compiled by the magazine Quote, they have assembled a list of the most wealthy self-made folks under 40. Not surprisingly, a lot of football players and DJ’s on the list. And of course a few traders. Familiar names, most of them mentioned earlier on this website.

Well done fellas. Everyone can imagine people are missing on the list, but you need a serious bonus to survive the tax and keep a net worth of 5 million. And nobody can stay under 40 forever.

Ivo Geijsen (IMC) – €14 million

Head of algo trading in the Chicago unit of IMC Financial Markets. Received a $6 million bonus over 2012 and $10.8 million in 2011 – this estimate of his net worth seems to be on the conservative side. Lives in a tower on the 68th floor in Chicago. Aged 34, this means the coming six years he will remain on the Quote list. And great news, he will marry Bridget (also from IMC) this summer in Amsterdam. I’m not invited (yet).

Pim Bertens (Binck) – €12 million

His last year on the list, as he’ll be turning 40 this year. Earned his fortune on selling his stake in Binck. Currently he’s one of the partners behind hedge fund Mint Tower Capital Management (aum €125 million). Also manager of Jeroen van Inkel and having a new venture with drones (“Columbus Aerial Solutions”).

Bram Bastiaansen (ACT) – €11 million

Amsterdam Capital Trading, ACT, is active as trader in environmental commodity markets. Also expanded to the USA, where ACT started an office in San Francisco. Cashed after selling a stake in their firm to Antea Participaties.

Jaap Jansen (ACT) – €11 million

Same story as Bram Bastiaansen.

Robin van Boxsel (IMC) – €10 million

The guys at Quote forgot Robin last year. But always happy to help them out (you’re welcome). Anyway, Robin van Boxsel earned his money at IMC in Chicago and Amsterdam. Left the firm two years ago. Founded asset management company Independent View with some other former IMC traders, in Amsterdam and Zug. They need a new website, though.

Sebastiaan Koeling (Optiver) – €8 million

Managing Director Optiver USA. Started as a derivatives trader, promoted to arbitrage unit and head of trading Europe before finally moving to the US office. Profile here. His house in Chicago is for sale at the moment ($4 million).

Maarten van Amstel (Optiver) – €7 million

Earned a nice fortune at Optiver, left the firm to start his own trading firm. This firm, UTR8, is located in Utrecht. They are hiring at the moment. Be patient, their website is terribly slow.

Alco Pieren (Optiver/Tibra) – €7 million

Left Optiver to join Tibra. The move created some legal problems, but everything as been sorted out. Left the trading business altogether, and is investing in real estate. Bought a street in a tiny village in the south of the country with his investment firm Hof Capital.

Robin Luijer (Optiver) – €5 million

Earned his millions at Optiver. Left the firm in 2010. Probably one of the very few guys having three years as “unemployed” listed on his linkedin profile. Together with Marnix Hoefnagel (former Optiver COO) he started a charity organization :  “de StudieArena“. Helping children with their homework. Respect.

Simon Soet (Optiver) – €5 million

Earned his fortune at Optiver, mainly as head of Delta1 between 2008 and 2012. Moved back to the north of the country to retire.