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After reading Paul Kedrosky’s post about Harvard’s portfolio changes I decided to walk through its holdings in the latest SEC 13F report. Top investments where clearly some Emerging Markets ETF’s, but assumed this was because of the concentration of Emerging Market investments in a few lines, while regular stock holdings were scattered in a lot […]

Everybody knows : In the long run, stocks always go up. If you screw up a short term gamble, like buying some troubled financials, reposition your investments as a long term investment. You can afford to ignore further losses, as in the long run it will rebound. Maybe not this year, maybe not even next […]

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  • anonymous: @8:20pm a "gentlemen's agreement" would be good enough if you were dealing with gentlemen, but in th [...]
  • anonymous: no, a gentlemen's agreement is good enough, you don't need random details in the employment contract [...]
  • anonymous: do you mean that this needs to be in the employment contract? [...]
  • anonymous: it's only 'guaranteed' if it says in your legal agreement with the company [...]
  • anonymous: so are the costs 2 million? meaning that if you make 4 million you get 35%*(4-2)=700k of guaranteed [...]
  • anonymous: [...]
  • anonymous: well, of course costs matter, that's why it's got a qualifying at the end - '2 million after cost' [...]
  • anonymous: two make 2 million after costs of 200k or costs of 5 mil is not the same! So it matters a lot. [...]
  • anonymous: haha, yes, you are welcome to be pedantic at my bs, you are also welcome to correct me anytime you f [...]
  • anonymous: i am usually this pedantic when other pretend that they've got a clue when in fact they're talking b [...]