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After reading Paul Kedrosky’s post about Harvard’s portfolio changes I decided to walk through its holdings in the latest SEC 13F report. Top investments where clearly some Emerging Markets ETF’s, but assumed this was because of the concentration of Emerging Market investments in a few lines, while regular stock holdings were scattered in a lot […]

Everybody knows : In the long run, stocks always go up. If you screw up a short term gamble, like buying some troubled financials, reposition your investments as a long term investment. You can afford to ignore further losses, as in the long run it will rebound. Maybe not this year, maybe not even next […]

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  • anonymous: is Source Capital secretly quoting? everything which is secret is done there, not even the people [...]
  • anonymous: this article is for official euronext liquidity providers, this is not the unofficial list, you mupp [...]
  • anonymous: so what, does this mean you can just ignore them? Don't you hear that they quote on everything? Did [...]
  • anonymous: Virtu and Source aren't liquidity providers in the option market here. [...]
  • anonymous: What about Virtu and Source Capital? They are both quoting on everything, why not mention them? [...]
  • anonymous: daarom zijn ze overal liquidity-provider zeker? [...]
  • anonymous: worry 323 won't survive it.. [...]
  • anonymous: second, stop stealing my buzz words mate [...]
  • anonymous: first, who cares, next [...]
  • anonymous: niemand nat gegaan met Imtech of Fugro? [...]