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One may have missed it easily, but last Friday during the July expiration three new classes have been introduced. The weekly options on Arcelor Mittal, ING and Royal Dutch. All innovations are usually received with a warm welcome by Amsterdam traders, as long as it is options on something liquid. The dividendfutures are still waiting […]

This weekend the website is undergoing some serious technical update – downtime is expected. Couldn’t imagine a better weekend to have it done, as the vast majority is at the beach or under way to the World Cup final. Speaking of the World Cup, a dozen of Dutch traders from remote areas as Hong Kong, […]

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  • anonymous: Pretty sure he lost also a lot of money on Imtech ! A number with 6 digits ! [...]
  • anonymous: how did he make money on imtech? how much pnl? [...]
  • anonymous: Always feels funny to see how people are concerned with Allard's well being. The post about the curr [...]
  • anonymous: No it's not, it's been exactly that [...]
  • anonymous: 84 is only slightly exaggerated [...]
  • anonymous: How on earth do you lose 84 million on a corporate action? are they idiots? [...]
  • anonymous: Didn't the slide start with the 84 mio they lost on the HRX corporate action? [...]
  • anonymous: From 100+ to 5 traders in 5 years! That's good going! Aart has lost heavily on Imtech, him and the E [...]
  • anonymous: end of an era [...]
  • anonymous: I bet that All Options clearer Goldman Sachs pulls the plug before Allard has to do anything ! Goldm [...]