All Options FootballBetween the champions league final and the world cup in South Africa lies another major football event. This saturday, the 29th of May, the annual All Options Football Tournament will be held again.

All Options definitely deserves a lot of brownie points for organizing this tournament again, in cooperation with Eurex, KBC Clearing and Bennington. For the third time it will be played outside on the football pitch of FC Abcoude, in teams consisting of seven players. Indoor soccer rules apply. No flying tackles allowed.

KBC Bank winner last edition

Last year the winner was KBC Bank, with IMC as losing finalist. In 2008 the trophy was won by the Germans (Eurex). During the indoor soccer era the title was won by the dividend cowboys of Fortis GSLA, Optiver, Market Wizards and IMC. Would be nice to construct a historical league table, including losing finalists.

Participating teams

This year 18 teams will be participating:

All Options Caerus
IMC Eurex
Petercam Flow Traders
ING KBC Clearing
Optiver 323 Trading
Better Options Fortis Clearing
Binck 1 Market Wizards
Scrocca AFM
KBC Bank Binck 2


Some new teams are participating this year. Petercam, ING, Scrocca and Caerus, the latter probably played under the VDM flag last year. As always, Euronext won’t be participating.

Please pay close attention to the game of 11:36 on field 1. Optiver is playing against Binck 1, and rumour has it Binck has sold this game. Anyway, there will be a photographer as usual and for the first time all matches will be filmed. Event starts early around 9:30, the final is expected around 16:30 and around the same time the barbecue will be set on fire.

Update : 323 wins tournament

After a long day of football, 323 trading emerged as the winner. The losing finalist was Caerus, who proved to be real Dutch chauvinists because they lost the final on penalties. ING and Better Options were knocked out in the semi finals.