Around a week ago the latest auction of the Euronext liquidity provider schemes (ELPS) was held . The coming year the liquidity providers for liquid stock options like Royal Dutch, Mittal and Aegon and a dozen of small stocks have been selected. There hasn’t been much movement – didn’t notice anything particular at first glance. The main interesting stuff is in the play-off competition, where 323 Trading is the contender. 323 Trading is collecting a lot of PMM schemes, and is challenging Optiver and Nino in Aegon and fighting against Optiver and IMC in Akzo.

All Options still in the game

Few months ago All Options declared to cut back in quoting obligations, as market making would be “dead”. In reality they will remain the proud provider of liquidity in options like Draka (pmm) and Vopak for the next twelve months. Their bark is worse than their bite.

The official outcome of the liquidity provider auction is downloadable here on pdf.


One more thing. Saturday the 23th the movie Win/Win will be on Dutch national television. Even if you have seen the movie already in the cinema, this is the best opportunity to show your family and friends what a derivative trader is actually doing. If you spot technical errors – blame All Options as they have been training the actors for a day. After this weekend you can watch the movie on internet for two weeks (the movie is in Dutch language).

Win/Win – 23 october 2010 – Ned 3 – 21:57