A couple of weeks after the launch of the new rich list, the Quote 500, the researchers must have realized their estimates for some folks must have been way to optimistic. Any derivative trader could have told them of course. The 2011 edition of the Quote 500 will probably see Allard Jakobs tumbling down the list. He will need a surprising profit on his large South American forestry plantations to stay in the rich list at all. All Options lost 33 million over 2009 (pdf), and the results for 2010 will be even worse. All Options has even left their trading spot in the exchange building. Euronext apparently hasn’t been able to attract a new large trading firm for the former trading hall. Current plan seems to be to fit several smaller trading firms together in the big trading hall. Just like the old days, with your competitors in the same room. Imagine cubicle desks with high walls between.

Anyway, here’s he list op top ranked traders in the trading business. The former Van der Moolen executives Hans Kroon and Richard den Drijver disappeared last year from the list, and of course Wiet Pot made his fortune working for Goldman Sachs.

  1. Allard Jakobs (All Options),  300 million
  2. Johan Kaemingk (Optiver), 236 million
  3. Wiet Pot (IMC), 210 million
  4. Jan Dobber (Optiver), 80 million
  5. Ruud Vlek (Optiver), 81 million
  6. Leo van den berg, (Optiver), 90 million
  7. Chris Oomen (Optiver) 85 million
  8. Rob Defares (IMC) 94 million
  9. René Schelvis(IMC), 52 million
  10. Roger Hodenius (Flow Traders), 60 million
  11. Jan van Kuijk (Flow Traders),  60 million

Source (Dutch).