Yeah, rightNo news on the 2011 results of Optiver. The year was more volatile than the current one, and Financieele Dagblad reported months ago the firm made a profit of EUR 160 million – up from 75 from the preceding year. For us mere mortals, we had to wait for the official annual report for the juicy details. Average bonus or details on expenses – whatever.

Well, there it is but curb your enthusiasm. Chemtrails and other conspiracy theories aren’t my cup of tea, but Optiver’s financial statements have lost the 2011 numbers in the copy machine. Not only the numbers have been erased, also the graphs have come under attack (page 20). Don’t believe in fairy tales, it seems Optiver tried to hide details from curious competitors. Apparently with a little help from some friends.

After all, there’s no upside in opening your books to the rest of the world. Sure, the original statements can be seen in the office of the Chamber of Commerce (kvk) here in Amsterdam – but that isn’t comfortable if you’re in Chicago, Hong Kong or Leeuwarden.

Anyway – Johan Kaemingk assured a new copy will be made with clear 2011 numbers. Guess we’ll just have to wait for that. Hat tip to Henk Willem Smits from Quote.